May 9, 2022

Can you Fundraise Right Now?

Can you Fundraise Right Now?

Lots of founders asking if they can still fundraise right now?

Yes, but it’s the toughest time in a while. However, the best companies are still getting 100x revenue deals signed.

This is a slide from a talk I gave last week….

The exuberance of the last 2 years couldn’t last forever.

It’s unfortunate you have to fundraise during a tough time but it remains possible and I’m participating in multiple 100x revenue deals right now.

The best startups are still getting competitive term sheets, as VCs have plenty of 💰 raised from recent years.

Plan to do at least 150 first meetings to raise $1M+.

If you’re not fundraising on strong growth or a tech breakthrough, you should expect a long process. Being lean during these times can help a lot.

Investor sentiment has turned very negative (just look at the public markets). This will be a bumpy ride. Your team will need you to be resilient during this process and grind it out.

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Ash Rust

Ash Rust

Managing Partner, Sterling Road

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