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Ash is the ultimate startup advisor.
— Pejman Nozad and Mar Hershenson, Managing Partners, Pear Ventures
Ash is an instrumental mentor at Alchemist.
— Danielle D’Agostaro & Ravi Belani, Managing Partners,
 Alchemist Accelerator
Ash is one of our best investors. His tactical, hands-on approach has helped us with critical aspects of building Twine. For example, his recruiting advice helped us build a playbook that resulted in us hiring our first engineers, including alumni from Airbnb and Palantir.
— Joseph Quan and Nikhil Srivastava,
 Cofounders of Twine
Ash has consistently pushed us by telling us hard truths and holding us accountable… Two years in, I still often seek his advice.
— Nicky Goulimis, Cofounder & COO Nova Credit

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