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August 26, 2022

The Twitter Whistleblower — Unsolicited Thoughts

The Twitter Whistleblower — Unsolicited Thoughts

This week’s big news was the Twitter Whistleblower. Here are my unsolicited thoughts on the main questions…

1. Is this a big deal?

Yes. Although whistleblowers usually have their own motives, this is Twitter’s former Head of Security saying Twitter’s security is terrible and the executives/board refuse to act. Plus, I haven’t seen Twitter deny any of his specific claims.

2. Isn’t this really about Musk & Twitter?

Musk is clearly involved. Musk has no problem being ruthless, and tens of billions of dollars are at stake in the Twitter acquisition dispute. I doubt this will be an isolated incident, and I expect both sides to be damaged.

3. Will anything change at Twitter?

Twitter will likely be forced to perform an internal or 3rd party investigation into the claims. In 6 months, they may implement some fairly routine security policy changes, but a complete overhaul is unlikely. This may significantly influence the acquisition dispute, but that will also muddy the waters. We shouldn’t expect to learn the truth about Twitter’s security.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Ash Rust

Ash Rust

Managing Partner, Sterling Road

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