Startup investing through founder coaching

Capital and Support to help you build from idea to IPO
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Our Process in Three Steps


Coaching First

We begin with regular coaching over 3 months to help you get your product live and generating revenue.



After 3 months of working together we can invest $150k-$250k, depending on your stage.


Ongoing Help

After investment we provide ongoing coaching, fundraising introductions, hiring help and additional capital for your later rounds.

Since 2017, Sterling Road has been helping startups go from an idea to millions in revenue. Through regular coaching sessions, we give founders the tools to hit their goals and build a lasting business.

Focused on B2B companies in the US and Canada, we invest in ~20 startups each year.

About Us
Justin Curhan & Lisa Jiang
Justin Curhan & Lisa Jiang

Ash continues to be an integral part of our team, providing advice and guidance worth 100x more than the money Sterling Road invested.

Justin Curhan & Lisa Jiang



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